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Fuck the NSA. Contribute to the anonymization network TOR by setting up a relay server for under 50€.


Parts needed (Amazon link provided, you don't need to order via amazon!):

- Mini Computer "Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2.0", link, cost: 42$

- 5V Mini-USB Power Supply (you might already have one for a mobile phone!), link, cost 9$

- Ethernet-Cable (might have one, too!) to permantly connect the Raspberry Pi to your router, link, cost 4$

- SDHC-Card (16 GB recommended), look here which ones have proven best for the Raspberry Pi before buying. Link to working example, Cost 11$

and of course a router and a working internet connection.

Total cost: 66$ / 50€, anonymizing the Internet: priceless.

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