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March 29 2013


The former division between East and West Berlin can be seen. The yellow lights correspond to East Berlin and the greener tones show West Berlin. Over 20 years since the Berlin Wall was dismantled the effects of separating the city can still be seen from space. --spaceinimages.esa.int/Images/2012/05/Berlin_at_night
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September 25 2012


Berlin, Stadt der Liebe
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August 04 2012

Berlin 1945/2010 Fight at U-bahn station Frankfurter Allee.
Original 1945 photo: here
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August 03 2012


July 15 2012

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July 01 2012

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April 06 2012

"The beach lies under the cobblestones"
Unknown Artist
City: Berlin-Neukölln
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September 19 2011

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